Creative 10,000 Times Lighter

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Special reminders:
1. after refueling and burning, the cotton wick will turn black and become the same as the old machine.  In addition, if you do not use it after refueling, it will cause the ignition rate to decrease and it will be difficult to ignite in the future.

2.It is a common and normal phenomenon for the inside of the cabinet to be rusted. It is caused by the residual chemical agents during the surface processing. At the same time, in daily use, we often insert and remove friction. At the same time, the rougher the internal structure, the better the machine. The core is fastened so as not to become too loose. So do not deliberately beautify the inside of the movement. If the movement is loose during use, please pull out the movement and gently tap the bottom of the movement side. Reloading is OK.
3、no fuel included.

Instructions for use of kerosene lighters:
Refueling steps:
1. Open the cover.
2. Dial out the movement.
3. Invert, open the bottom cotton pad, or inject kerosene from the bottom cotton pad hole.
4. After refueling, insert it into the case and use it.
5. Note that it can be filled too full. Please pay attention to safety for the first time, because there may be spilled oil and the whole body will catch fire.



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Creative 10,000 Times Lighter

$28.99 $16.99